The Sapphire


The name 'Sapphire' most likely comes from the word 'Saffir', the Hebrew word for 'most beautiful' or 'perfect'. Sapphires are surrounded by spiritual and mystical beliefs that have been bestowed upon them by different cultures in different times. One of these was that the planet Saturn is favorable to the wearer - a traditional Hindu belief. Sapphires come in a variety of different shades and colours. The most coveted of these is the 'royal blue', a pure and deep blue. Another common type is the Pink Sapphire - a pink type of sapphire similar to a light coloured Ruby - only separated by a few shades. The first soure of Sapphire was the island of Ceylon, however it is now mined in a number of continents around the globe. The most popular form of Sapphire is the type that comes from Kashmir - these are rare but are considered extremely valuable and unique thanks to their deep blue colour.