Permanent Jewellery

Book an appointment for a perfectly welded bracelet or anklet. Whether it's for yourself or to match with a loved one, create everlasting memories.

(Group bookings available)

 Our Chains:
We have a choice of 3 classic solid 9ct yellow gold chains, 8 silver and 6 gold filled.
 Here is an example of some chain styles we have available.



If you book through our website we require a £10 booking fee & this is taken off the final amount during your appointment.

Silver: £35 - £50

Gold Filled: £40 - £50

9ct Yellow Gold: £60 - £125

Charms & Personalised Charms: £5 - £15

Anklets: +£15 or +£20 (extra on a Bracelet price) 



Questions & Answers 


How long does a Permanent Bracelet/ Anklet last for?

As long as you take care of this dainty chain bracelet it should last, well, forever. 

What if it breaks?

If something happens in the first month after your appointment, we will gladly reweld at no charge.

Save your chain and call us on 01539 722333

After the first 30 days, we will charge a £10 rewelding fee.

What if I need to take my bracelet off?

If you need to take your bracelet off for an MRI, please try to cut it carefully with scissors at the link where we originally welded it.
Save your chain and call us or pop in store to have your bracelet rewelded.

Which arm should I get my bracelet on?

We recommend the wrist that you don't wear a watch on. But we weld it on whichever one you choose. 

Can I wear it through airport security?

Yes! You will not need to take it off to go on holiday!


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The idea behind getting Permanent Jewellery

Two friends might get permanent bracelets to represent the strength of their bond or a couple might opt for permanent jewellery to symbolise a life of love and happiness.

It's convenient - one of the biggest benefits of permanent jewellery is its ease of wear! No need to awkwardly clasp your bracelet on every morning.

Symbolic of a certain memory that people share, i.e. Hen do, group holiday, Wedding day or in memory of someone you love.

If you are visiting the Lake District and you want a unique way of remembering your time here, a Permanent Bracelet is a lovely way to do that. 

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