Ear Piercing

At Morgan Banks we offer an ear piercing service, we don't take appointments as we encourage you to call in.

We use the studex system and do nose, ear and cartilage.

Good aftercare is essential to the longevity of any piercing. We, as the piercer make sure your piercing is safe and clean but once you leave the studio it's over to you.

There is no need to purchase any fancy solutions, lotions or portions. Salt water or diluted tea tree oil are our care solutions of choice. Don't be tempted to twist, turn or move your piercing. Our jewellery is designed to allow natural movement so don't rush to change your jewellery, allowing your piercing to fully heal before a jewellery change is essential.

For all surface piercings a simple solution of water and your choice of tea tree oil or sea salt, twice a day for a minimum of four weeks is ample. Simply make up your preferred solution, dip in a cotton wool ball and dab it around your piercing, gently but thoroughly.  

If in doubt please do come back to see our piercing team for full support and guidance.

We recommend not swimming for four weeks and no alcohol to be consumed for the first 24 hours.

Irritations after a piercing are common and cleaning your piercing as described above would clear any irritations.

Infections can become serious and discomfort won't go away after cleaning. Infections are rare with good aftercare so please listen carefully to our teams instructions on how to look after your specific piercing.