Bespoke Watches, Modifications and Restorations

We are excited that having a watch maker on site allows us to offer bespoke watch services like unique builds or watch modifications.

Unique Builds

A bespoke watch is a very personal item to have made and the journey to owning one starts with a meeting where your requests can be assessed and a plan can be drawn up. Having bespoke made can take a couple of months sometimes, it all sends on the specifications that have laid out.

Watch Modifications

Watch 'mods' became popular with Seiko owners many years ago as parts to allow this began to hit the markets. Since then we have seen all brands being modified, up to and including Rolex.

We use extremely well respected manufacturers for high end modifications and will be happy to discuss your project with you.

seiko mods at morgan banks kendal cumbria watch repair


A watch restoration is an opportunity to bring an old watch back to life. All potential restoration projects will be fully evaluated before work commences and we will discuss this with you at the time.