The Ruby


The Ruby is one of the most popular and recognizable gem stones. The fiery red or pink tone that can be seen from afar is known for how it represents passion set ablaze by love. The Ruby was known as "Ratnaraj"; "King of Gems" in Sanskrit - a title that it has more than earned. It is made of a mineral known as Corundum, with the chemical element Chromium being responsible for the red colour. This colour can be number of tones and shades, ranging from deep blue to a light pink. However, in the US in the 20th Century, they implemented a rule that a gem must reach at least a certain shade of pink to be deemed a Ruby, otherwise it would be called a Pink Sapphire. 

The Ruby comes from a variety of places, with a large amount of history behind where it has been found over the decades. The main two continents it is found in though, are Asia and Africa - with the earliest Ruby found in Asia.

The most expensive Ruby is a barmese Ruby known as the 'Sunrise Ruby', it was sold in Switzerland for $30.42 million at an auction.