The Emerald

The Emerald, a green and gorgeous gem that represented fertility, immortality and eternal springtime. The Emerald is a member of the beryl family, a type of mineral that grows in hexagonal shapes. Its signature deep green colour is owed to the amount of chromium present inside the gem: the higher the amount, the greener the gem. Emeralds have been discovered and mined in a number of locations around the world with the earlier Emeralds notably being found in Egypt, India and Austria. Colombian mines are the most famous though, with the two most well known being the Muzo and Chizor mines - producing the most exquisite coloured Emeralds. A Colombian Emerald known as the 'Rockefeller Emerald' broke record when it was sold for $5.5 Million, an incredible amount of 305’000 $ per carat, a new record for Emeralds.