Piercing Services


At Morgan Banks we follow the piercing moto, if you can pinch it, we will pierce it!


We offer a full range of piercing and dermal anchor services. Our sole aim is to achieve the end result you desire and for you to walk away happy with your new look.


Our ear piercing services start at age 6 and we will happily pierce your little ones ear lobes with either the needle or the gun. Both methods have advantages which we will fully discuss with you. A choice of earring is available and healing times and aftercare will be discussed with both you and your child.


We also offer a full and varied range of other ear piercings, all undertaken with a needle. These include but are not limited to the tragus, rook, anti helix and cartilage. Please feel free to discuss any specific requirements or questions you may have.


Our body piercing services include belly buttons, eye brows, tongues and lips. Again, please feel free to discuss with us your specific requirements.


And we are happy to tell you that we also offer dermal anchors as a piercing service. A newer addition to the piercing family dermal anchors are pretty and their look is easily changed. An anchor is placed into your skin and an interchangeable bead is screwed on.

The procedure is as simple as a piercing and done just as quickly. Dermal anchors can be put in most places and our piercing stylist can you advice you on the best placement. 


We will require ID to be shown by anyone appearing to be under 18 and parental/legal guardian consent is needed for anyone under 16. Please do not be offended if we ask for ID or question your suitability for a piercing, this is all done for your safety. 


Our best advice is that you come to us on a day that you feel fit, healthy and well. Our piercing studio is private and regulated in accordance with South Lakeland district council guidelines.