Covid 19 & Morgan Banks

We have worked hard to open up safely on Monday June 15th and we can’t wait to welcome everybody! 

Our absolute focus has always been to make sure that everybody’s safety and wellbeing is at the forefront of all our planning!

Prior to opening we have deep cleaned and sanitised and there will be some logistical changes so that we are ready to serve you.

We are proud of our shop and are delighted that the space inside allows us offer social distancing and shopping at the same time.

During this lockdown we have spent our time really getting to grips with the best ways to disinfect and have also created two separate stations where all items are sterilised using UVC light, which allows us to safely allow you to browse our jewellery and watches safely.

Like you we have been on a roller coaster of emotions and uncertainty and it now feels the right time to take control and share with you our ideas and plans for reopening! 

To do so we have consulted widely to how best keep everybody as safe as possible while delivering service.

* Deep cleaning every where every day with bleach and antibacterial products and UVC light. including areas that are regularly touched such as door handles, tables, surfaces and debit/credit card machines. 

* Providing hand sanitisers at all Customer areas which both clients and staff will be required to use on arrival and throughout the day

* Each of our team will have their own personal box of products to use for their own clients. 

* Card or BACS payments only. Card payment machine will be handled by only one team member at any one shift. 

* We have a supply of gloves and masks, we believe the standard in shops will be not to wear masks, but if you would

Like us to wear a mask please ask, we would be happy to oblige.

* Upon entering the shop we will ask you to sanitise your hands. We will be doing it constantly also.

*  All customer areas will be disinfected after each client and all items presented will be sterilised using our new steriliser units before and after you touch them.

* we will direct you to a service area when you come in and no one will invade your distanced space whilst you are in attendance.

* To protect the most vulnerable we would like to create appointment times for certain groups such as our more elderly clients -please call us to arrange an appointment if you wish one on a monday.

* If you are showing any signs of illness we will ask you to reschedule 

In our wildest dreams we never would have thought that this much planning would ever go into opening our doors. Although challenging, it’s been empowering knowing that we can achieve the very best possible in safety!

Once again, thank you for all your ongoing messages, support and strength! You’ve all kept everyone going and the time when we all get to see each other again is moving closer!

The new normal will not seem as scary as we once thought, it's all achievable and we look forward to doing it with you.

Peter & Lesley